Strategic Investments
Siam Future Development Plc. (SF)

The company currently invests 24.89% in Siam Future Development Plc., a lifestyle-neighborhood-mall developer. Siam Future develops low-rise lifestyle malls, open-air building located next to the residential areas. The rationale for the investment in 2004 was synergy to each other. The company is an anchor tenant that generates traffic to the lifestyle malls. With rapid expansion of Siam Future contributed sustainability growth to Major, especially in the metropolitan areas where the company wants to expand location nearby the customer’s residential areas. Siam Future was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand with the symbol SF.

On 20 December 2016, MAJOR has purposed to makes Voluntary Partial Tender Offer to purchase ordinary shares of Siam Future Development Public Company Limited (“SF”) in the amount of not exceeding 428,346,412 shares or equal to not exceeding 24.11 percent of paid-up capital of SF which MAJOR had obtained an approval from the Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting (“EGM”) of SF No.1/2016 held on 3 October 2016.The Objectives of MAJOR to invest in SF and make a long-term investment in SF which are important strategies in order to expand business and diversify risks to MAJOR and MAJOR foresees opportunities from expansion its cinema business and receive the return from business operation and financial performance of SF in the future.

Major Cineplex Lifestyle Leasehold Property Fund (MJLF)

The REIT was registered June 2007, two standalone cineplexes (Major Ratchayothin & Major Rangsit) were initially injected into the MJLF, raising Baht 2.3 billion of cash. The company reinvests 33% of this fund, while the remaining amount was reinvested into a brand new standalone cineplex in Ngamwongwan- Kaerai area and a new lifestyle mall, Major Avenue @Ratchayothin, a 50:50 joint venture between MAJOR & Siam Future. This development marks an important step for the group as MJLF becomes a vital vehicle for sustainable future growth. The company can now expand with the original standalone cineplex model without raise capital. The standalone cineplexes with much bigger size of cinema screens & bowling lanes are expected to drive higher rate of growth for the income statements than the balance sheets, enabling the company to adopt the “asset-light” strategy with hope to generate higher rate of returns going forward. MJLF is listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand with the symbol MJLF.

Thai Ticket Major Co., Ltd. (TTM)

In June 2007, the company took 40.0% stake in Thai Ticket Master Dot Com Co., Ltd. whose name was subsequently changed to Thai Ticket Major Co., Ltd. (TTM). The rationale was to expand the company’s business into ticketing sales channel as well as enhancing value from the existing assets. Cinema ticket box offices are turned into also ticketing services counters for concerts, sports events, transportation. Not only better utilization of the resources at the box offices, TTM also generates additional traffic into the cineplexes which could also be enticed to consume other entertainment services.

PVR Limited. (PVRL)

Incorporated and listed in the Stock Exchange of India, PVR is a leading and premium multiplex cinema exhibition company in India. PVR pioneered the multiplex revolution in India by establishing the first multiplex cinema in 1997. Currently, our geographically diverse cinema circuit in India consists of 123 branches with 569 screens. End of 2016, the company’s shareholding in PVR is 1.93% PVR is listed on the Stock Exchange of India with the symbol PVRL.

PVR blu-O Entertainment Ltd.

A joint venture company, namely PVR blu–O Entertainment Ltd. (PVR blu-O), was set up in 2008 by PVR Limited & MAJOR. While adding a new lifestyle entertainment to PVR’s business model, PVR blu-O is to introduce a new experience of entertainment bowling to the Indian patrons and provide the company with an opportunity to unlock potential growth to Indian market. In 2016, the company holds 49% of PVR blu-O. Both of these investments (in PVR and PVR blu-O) can be considered as a great opportunity to tap into the enormous growth potentials that the Indian market has to offer.

Major Platinum Cineplex (Cambodia) Ltd.

The company has policy to expanded the Cinema Business to Asean Economics Community (AEC) which Phnom Penh - Cambodia was the first market to invest, It’s coordinate between Major Holding International Co., Ltd. (Subsidiary) and Platinum Cineplex (which incorporated in Cambodia) invest in the company called “Major Platinum Cineplex Cambodia Co., Ltd.” in order of a 70:30 ratio, to opened “Major Cineplex” with 7 screens of the world class luxury cinemas and 13 Bowling Lanes.

Major Platinum Cineplex (Laos) Ltd.

Major Holding International Co., Ltd. coordinated with Platinum Cineplex Co., Ltd. under “Major Platinum Cineplex” brand, opened 5 theaters at Vientiane Center, located at the center of Vientiane Capital in Laos. Major Holding holds 60% and Platinum Cineplex holds 40%.

CJ Major Entertainment Co., Ltd.

On 9 March 2016, the joint venture has been made between MAJOR and CJ E&M Co., Ltd. - the biggest entertainment enterprise which providing all channel and range of media advertising, especially in cinema field that CJ E&M is the largest business who produce and distribute film in Korea. MAJOR has jointed with CJ under the name ‘CJ Major Entertainment Co., Ltd.’

The company is holding 245 shares for a consideration of Baht 2.45 million. Investment in CJM representing 49.00% of the registered shares is classified as investment in associate taking into account of controlling power and returns. The equity method of accounting is applied to this investment in the consolidated financial information.

On 28 March 2016, CJM increased the authorized share capital by issuing 6,500 new shares at par value of Baht 10,000 per share. The company additionally acquired shares of CJM for a total consideration of Baht 31.85 million in order to maintain shareholding interest of 49.00%. The first production called “Suddenly Twenty”, which was released in December 2016.