Human Resources


As at December 31, 2015, the company recorded the number of 2,589 employees, to be well-prepared for the continued growth on cinema business, bowling & karaoke business, advertising business, rental business and movie contents business. In 2015, the company opened 13 new branches to cover Bangkok, vicinity and Up country for customer convenience.

Business Unit Number of Employees
Head Office 454
Cinema 1,259
Bowling & Karaoke 570
Advertising 56
Rental Space & Services 143
Movie Content 107
Total 2,589
* Exclude temporary staffs

Staff Remunerations

In 2015, the company expenditure for staff remunerations, consisting of salary, overtime, allowance, house rental, bonus, social security fund and provident fund totally amount 817 million baht included subsidiary company 62 million baht.

In addition, the company provides the other benefits to employee such as sale incentive, Employee Stock Options Program for the managements and employees who contribution to the company as well as motivation to work for the company in the long run.

Human Resource Management Policy

Recruitment and Motivation

The company places a focus on internal recruitment and then gives additional trainings since promotion from within will not only get staff acquainted with the company’s operations and help create morale in working, but also attract them to stay longer with the company, who provides them with the comparable compensation with other companies in the same industry. In addition, the company has provided nice working environment that would increase staffs enthusiasm.

Human Resource Development

The company arranges for the staff both on the job training and functional training. For on-the-job training, senior staffs give advices and recommendations all through the whole process to junior staffs. With respect to functional trainings, various in-house training courses will be arranged by both internal and external lecturers or sending staff to attend outside seminar programs such as training in management and regularly operating. The company arranges other soft skills such as leadership skill, selling & negotiation technique, marketing skill, team work development etc.

In addition, The company is a long-term program with an objective to promote and serve students who need to utilize their free time by working to get experiences. In this connection, The company offers the students a chance to practice in some position considered to be appropriate with their maturity, skill, and spare time of each student.