Movie Content Business

The company has a strategic investment in the film distribution business through its 92.46% stake in M Pictures Entertainment Plc. (MPIC). The company invested in film distribution business directly; on the theatrical side, the company held a stake in M Pictures Co., Ltd. (MP) which provided the upstream theatrical distribution services. On the downstream home entertainment distribution side, the company held a stake in Pacific Marketing and Entertainment Group Co., Ltd. whose name has subsequently been changed to MVD Co., Ltd. (MVD). In July 2009, MP & MVD had been merged to MPIC to create an integrated distribution company. In 2016, the company has several subsidiary companies under theatrical business, which includes:

  • M Picture Co., Ltd. 92.46%, Distributing of film rights for cinema services, VCD/DVD production and TV broadcasting.
  • M Thirtynine Co., Ltd. 92.46%, Film Production.
  • M.V.D. Co., Ltd. (“MVD”) 92.46%, Distribution of VCD/DVD, Blu-ray and film rights.
  • Pacific Media Sale Co., Ltd. 91.91%, Distribution of CD, VCD and DVD. (Subsidiary under M.V.D.)
  • Talent One Co., Ltd. 83.22%, Printing, Distributing pocket book, and Film production.
  • Metacognition Co., Ltd. 55.48%, Advertising Agency Businesses.
  • Major Kantana Broadcasting Co., Ltd. 41.61%, Satellite broadcasting and distribution of film rights.
  • MVP M Pictures Distribution (Lao) Co., Ltd. (“MVP”) 36.98%, Film Distribution in Laos
  • Transformation Film Co., Ltd. 26.42%, Film Distribution. First production is “Chiang Khan Story”

The revenue of the company was increased in year 2016 from successful Thai movie called “Jazz 4G” which produced by the subsidiary company thus this movie become the most highest grossing revenue of the year. And company also distribute large amount of number of independent movie licenses in year 2016 as well as company concentrate to be part of develop Thai movie industry according to seeking for sustainable growth in nationwide and international market so the company invested in the new subsidiary company called ‘Metacognition Co., Ltd. which has 2,000,000 baht registered capital, in total of 20,000 shares with 100 baht per share. Their main purposes are produce contents and process on work planning to serve online and offline advertising in order to support the operation of Major group to become even stronger on the contrary of replacing produce and distribute VCD/DVD which was declined from business scale down from the new innovation which satisfies or attracts more consumers.