Movie Content Business

The company has a strategic investment in the fi lm distribution business through its 92.46% stake in M Pictures Entertainment Plc. (MPIC). In the past, the company invested in fi lm distribution business in direct. On the theatrical side, the company held a stake in M Pictures Co., Ltd. (MP) which provided the upstream theatrical distribution services. On the downstream home entertainment distribution side, the company held a stake in Pacifi c Marketing and Entertainment Group Co., Ltd. whose name has subsequently been changed to MVD Co., Ltd. (MVD). Completed in July 2009, both MP & MVD have now been included into MPIC to create an integrated distribution company under one roof.

For the upstream theatrical distribution, MPIC is to manage the 52 weeks fi lm programming and smoothen out the revenue seasonality imposed by the Hollywood’s. MPIC distributes fi lms from independent studios as well as other Asian fi lms from Japan & Korea. With the company’s dominant market position in the exhibition window, MPIC is riding on a solid platform to maximize its revenue as well.

For the downstream home entertainment distribution, MVD is to manage the timing of the DVD/VCD releases as well as the DVD/VCD pricing in bid to optimize revenue generating ability in each window and protect the core cinema business. With the appropriate timing of the DVD/VCD releases (typically 3-4 months subsequent to theatrical releases) and with proper pricing, a fi lm can maximize its revenues in the cinema window as well as in the home entertainment distribution window itself.

In 2009, MPIC Group also set up a fi lm production company, namely M Thirty-nine Co., Ltd. (M39), to stimulate and advocate growth in Thai fi lms production. Leveraging of MPIC’s own integrated distribution capability, combining with the company’s dominant market share in cinema, the group ultimately aims to grow Thailand’s fi lm industry as a whole.

In 2013 MPIC group had made additional investment in Talent One Co., Ltd., fi lm production, service for all forms of entertainment, represented 83.22% of shareholders. Additionally, MPIC group acquired ordinary shares in Major Kantana Broadcasting Co.Ltd. (M channel), satellite broadcasting and

distribution of film rights, from Major Cineplex Group Plc.(MAJOR) by way of exchange of the company’s newly issued ordinary shares, represented 41.61% of the paid-up share capital.

In 2014, MPIC has established a joint venture company with another 3 more companies which are True Icontent Co.,Ltd. And Bangkok Film Studio Co.,Ltd. joint venture in equal proportions (holds 28.57% of the shares: Bt 50 millionand Matching Studio Plus Co.,Ltd. (holds 14.29% ; Bt 25 million).This joint venture company named Transformation Films Co.,Ltd. which has registered capital of Bt 175 million. The objective of this JV Company is not only producing Thai fi lms but set the target to produce about 4-6 quality movies per year and marketing also distribute Thai fi lms to Asean. On 28 August 2014, First released romantic comedy fi lms “Took-kae Rak-Paeng-Mak”. as of 2015 The Group indirectly holds shares representing 26.42% of the issued share capital.

On 22 August 2015, M Pictures Entertainment Public Company Ltd., company’s subsidiary invested 40,000 shares with 1.77 million baht in MVP M-Pictures Film Distribution (Laos) Co., Ltd. The company has acquisition and distribution fi lm rights business in Laos. The Company holds 36.98%.