The company has a strategic investment in the film distribution business through its 92.46% stake in M Pictures Entertainment Plc. The company invested in film distribution business directly; on the theatrical side, the company held a stake in M Pictures Co., Ltd., which provided the upstream theatrical distribution services to create an integrated distribution company.

In 2017, the company has several subsidiary companies under theatrical business, which includes:

  • M Picture Co., Ltd. 92.46%, Distributing of film rights for cinema services.
  • M Thirtynine Co., Ltd. 92.46%, Film Production.
  • M.V.D. Co., Ltd. (“MVD”) 92.46%, Distribution of VCD/DVD, Blu-ray and film rights.
  • Pacific Media Sale Co., Ltd. 91.91%, Distribution of CD, VCD and DVD. (Subsidiary under M.V.D.)
  • Talent One Co., Ltd. 83.22%, Printing, Distributing pocket book, and Film production.
  • Metacognition Co., Ltd. 55.48%, Advertising Agency.
  • Major Kantana Broadcasting Co., Ltd. 41.61%, Satellite broadcasting and distribution of film rights.
  • MVP M Pictures Distribution (Lao) Co., Ltd. (“MVP”) 36.98%, Film Distribution in Laos
  • Transformation Film Co., Ltd. 26.42%, Film Distribution.

In 2017, the company concentrate to be part of develop Thai movie industry according to seeking for sustainable growth in nationwide and international market