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Business Overview

Major Cineplex Group Plc. (MAJOR) is Thailand’s leading Lifestyle Entertainment Company established in 1995 and MAJOR was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) in May 2002 with core business of Cinema, Bowling Karaoke and Ice skating rink, Rental and services, Advertising service and Movie contents. For past years of business growth, the company is moving toward to be “The World’s Best Cinema and Total Lifestyle Entertainment Complex Provider”. Moreover the company has also focused on the best technology and innovation to serve the better service to customers as in the scope of our slogan “Sharing the world’s best entertainment dreams”.

To broaden its network of lifestyle entertainment portfolio as well as establishing partnerships for sustainable future growth, At year-end 2017 the company also invests:
  • 25.65% in Siam Future Development Plc. (SF) –
    a lifestyle-neighborhood-mall developer.
  • 40% in Thaiticketmajor Co., Ltd. (TTM) –
    a ticket master for concerts, sport events, transportation, etc.
  • 33% in Major Cineplex Lifestyle Leasehold Property Fund (MJLF) –
    a real-estate investment trust (REIT) as rental of building and utilities service.
  • 92.46% in M Pictures Entertainment Plc. –
    an advertising and distribution of films rights
  • 0.21% in PVR Limited (PVRL) -
    a leading, premium multiplex cinema exhibition company in India.
  • 69.97% in Major Platinum Cineplex (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. –
    Cinema and Bowling service in Cambodia.
  • 59.98% in Major Platinum Cineplex (Laos) Co., Ltd. –
    Cinema service in Laos.
  • 49.00% in CJ Major Entertainment Co., Ltd. –
    film production and distribution of films rights.

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